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Residential Air Duct Cleaners in Long Island

Integrity, Professionalism, Dedication

Here at the Lucky Duct, we pride ourselves in these three words. When estimating a job we vow full disclosure. You will NEVER be hit with any hidden charges or fees. Our workers are highly skilled and trained coming from Local 28 Sheet Metal Union. No job too big, no crawl space too small! Call the Lucky Duct for a free estimate, and put your confidence in us. You may have a lot of worries already…wondering if you’re breathing clean air shouldn’t be one of them!

The Lucky Duct Inc. was founded in 2018 by Christopher Jones – A Local 28 sheet metal worker with a vision of providing an exceptional air duct cleaning service to all clients.

  • Our team is comprised of OSHA & NADCA trained employees
  • Our duct cleaning is operated with a HEPA filtered vacuum, guaranteeing 99.97% of all dust particles will be removed
  • We are not afraid to get our hands dirty! We will physically enter the air duct to move and eliminate the debris off the inner-walls of the air duct


Residential Air Duct Cleaners in Long Island

We take pride in being trained via an apprenticeship provided by Local 28.

Both in the classroom and on the job, training has us ready for any task.

Long Island Air Duct Cleaners

The Lucky Duct Inc. is a Proud NADCA Certified Duct Cleaning Member

NADCA – the National Air Duct Cleaning Association sets the standards for air duct cleaning companies. It is required that all members have one staff member who is a certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS).