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When Water Damage Strikes, You Better be Ready

March 15, 2022

Water damage strikes, you better be ready! Sure, we all hope for the best and that nothing ever happens to our homes. But the truth of the matter is, water damage is one of the most common and most serious emergencies your property can ever experience.


Whether it’s from a bursting pipe or an incoming flood, any form of water can lead to a host of problems. Elevate items on the floor like furniture made of wood (as it can be warped/swollen), carpets you can move (which can harbor bacteria and add moisture to the air indoors), or any valuable items like your electronic and documents.


It’s important to identify the source of the damage so you can stop it or point out the cause once you have an expert to help prevent any more damage.

If you’re experiencing a flood, you can find places where water might get in first and sandbag those areas.


Mold can grow from moisture so you will have to dry out anything in your property that got wet immediately once the water damage is handled. The humidity from wet materials can cause mildew, molds, or fungi and can cause health issues to everyone at home in the long run.


The process of restoring your home after water damage should be swift. Detecting moisture into unwanted places and determining which parts of your home needs to be replaced can time and effort. It’s best to consider getting professional help like The Lucky Duct who can take on situations like this and create a rapid response to mitigate the damage done by water damage.

It’s important to respond to water damage immediately to avoid more property damage and to implement effective solutions.