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How To Prevent Mold From Growing in Your House

May 30, 2022


If you’ve noticed mold growing in your home, you may be wondering what to do about it. Getting it taken care of quickly is important, but many people are unsure of how to treat mold damage once a problem is found.

Areas that have high moisture are ideal places for mold to grow. There are solutions that will help you get rid of mold and prevent new growth from reoccurring.

Keep the Place Dry

A leak, whether that’s on your roof, from plumbing, or through the walls should be fixed right away so mold won’t have moisture to help it grow. Humidifiers can be turned off as well if there’s too much condensation on windows. 

If you experienced flood or water damage indoors, replace or remove soaked furniture like upholstery and carpet immediately the dry out your home fully. Consider not using carpets in rooms that have a lot of moisture like your bathroom or basement.


A good airflow, especially in rooms that are often damp will should be well ventilated. Exhaust fans can be considered in places like the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. It is also recommended to open up a window for 5-15 minutes to let some indoor air out and clean air in. Ensuring that there is a good airflow indoors, either by an exhaust fan or just opening a window will help reduce humidity and therefore moisture from helping mold grow. 

EPA recommends keeping indoor humidity low from 30-50 percent which can be measured with a moisture or humidity meter. 

Finding mold in your home can be alarming, especially if you are not sure what it is or how far it's spread. But mold remediation and clean-up really is not that complicated when you have the right information. If you need help with water damage repair services, we’re here to help! Call The Lucky Duct today and our expert team will tackle mold remediation services in no time.