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How to Deal with Flood Damage in Your Facility

December 29, 2022

Of all the disasters that could hit your facility, a flood is undoubtedly one of the worst. Even if the flood is only a few inches deep, it could already cost thousands upon thousands of dollars in water damage, especially if some expensive equipment like electronics and computers, as well as furniture, files and documents, and artwork, end up being soaked.

Remember, time is of the essence when dealing with flood damage, so if you can, you have to perform certain tasks that will prevent further loss on your part.

What you can do

As you await the restoration professionals, document all the damage so you’ll have proof of what happened when you file your insurance claim. Then you can proceed to remove the water, with the help of your staff, if possible. You can use mops, buckets, dippers, and even dustpans to get the water out of your facility. If you have a water pump that sucks up water or a Shop-Vac in your facility, then use it to make the removal of water faster.

Something to keep in mind: always assume that the water flooding your facility is dirty. So if you’re going to do the things mentioned above, don’t forget to wear waterproof boots, gloves, and other safety gear.

What to expect from water damage restoration professionals

Cleaning up the flooded area is actually one of the tasks that these specialists must perform as part of the water damage restoration process. If you’re incapable of doing preliminary water mitigation yourself or you simply want to leave everything to the pros, then you can wait until they get to your facility.

Once your facility is spotless and dry, these flood damage restoration pros will begin work on returning your property to its former state. They will fix flooring, drywall, and other parts of the facility that sustained significant damage from the flood.

An ounce of flood prevention

 If your facility lies in a flood-prone area, then you need to be more proactive than reactive when it comes to the possibility of flooding. While getting the services of flood damage restoration experts after flooding strikes is good, preventing floods from happening in the first place is even better. So do your research and consult with the right people so you can address issues that will lead to the reduction of flood and flood damage in your place of business.