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More Reasons to Get Those Ducts Cleaned

July 26, 2023

With cold temperatures, we’re all spending more time indoors as we wait for this season to pass. Did you ever ask yourself when was the last time you thought about breathing quality air for your family? Poor indoor air quality can trigger asthma attacks and even increase the risk of developing pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses. Luckily, here at The Lucky Duct, we have the lists of solutions to improve the air quality in your indoor space. 

Solutions to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

  • Check the air system filtration – It is advisable to change the air filters monthly to ensure that everyone is breathing fresh, and clean air. Air filters can trap pollutants like dust mites, smoke, and pet dander as they are designed to catch even the smallest particles. 
  • Dust Regularly – By doing a regular vacuum and dust cleaning, you are helping the air filters work effectively. Help minimize the amount of dust and debris around the house. 
  • Use a humidifier – Humidifiers can be helpful in breathing comfortably around the house while preventing dry throats. By adding the amount of humidity in the air can control any dust mites, and molds. 
  • Schedule Air Duct Cleaning – The ducts can become dirty over time. Unclean air ducts contribute to health problems especially those with respiratory conditions, asthma, and allergies. Just like the outdoor allergens, the air in your home can cause irritated eyes, nose, and throats. Having your ducts clean regularly, it can improve the quality of the indoor air and avoid any health problems. 

No matter what your climate is, your home needs a TLC. When you’re ready to handle those air ducts, make sure to contact a qualified company to ensure the job is done correctly.